Monday, September 1, 2008

The Return

School Starts in…. Hey wait..

I’ll be moving back within an arms reach of Toronto and directly across the street from Sheridan. This will be the closest to the school I’ve ever lived, however I’ve graduated and no longer attend classes there.

I’m excited because I’ll be returning to an apartment with other art students. My production is about to go way up. Those sketches spilled all over the floor a couple posts ago are just the beginning.

I also have a crazy plan of how to attend the Illustration Master Class next summer. More on that later.

Here's some pieces that I've been working on:

Linnansa Vanki - Indica

Illustration depicting the members of the Finnish band; Indica.

Indica is fronted by Jonsu on vocals and violin...

--and an illustration of Kenny Vs. Spenny with initial sketch

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