Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Illustration Master Class 09

The Illustration Master Class is taught by:

Rebecca Guay
Greg Manchess
Dan Dos Santos
Charles Vess
Boris Vallejo
Donato Giancola
Scott Fischer
Julie Bell
Irene Gallo
Jon Foster
Michael Whelan

It's a week long workshop filled with advice, lectures, demos, stories, and critiques from the teachers -- and everywhere in between each student completes an assignment under the guidance of the the faculty. Most of the assignments were scifi/fantasy book cover oriented.

Illustration Master Class Day 1 update

We met the faculty and after a really beautiful presentation about each teachers’ work we were off in no time getting set up in the studios.

They gave us our sketchbooks:

This was followed by group critique with Irene Gallo (the art director of Tor books), Greg Manchess, and Donato.

I revised my sketch and took the art directed suggestions into a further-refined drawing.

Then came dinner and an awesome lecture on getting proper photo reference/working with models.

This week continues to be absolutely amazing.

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