Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IMC 2011 pre-post

I've been back from IMC for what seems like quite a while.

It was an amazing week. <---- massive understatement 

I had been writing a far more comprehensive blog post about my experience at my third Illustration Master Class, but due to the massive amount of art-making in the past week I haven't had the most time. Until I can get something more detailed together here is a shot of my dragon assignment from IMC 2011 and a photo from the last day of of the workshop)

progress shot

My dragon + figure(s) book cover assignment as it stood at some point during the last night everyone was painting in the studio (in progress)

Greg Manchess signing a student sketchbook on the last day


Gerald DesRochers said...

looking good :)

Chanp said...

this looks like it was a sweet experience, thanks for sharing some pics and such. piece looks great!

Anonymous said...

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