Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Latest Progress on "Circle"

Latest on the painting I've been working on:


Michelle said...

This is look AWESOME Ken! The colours are really vibrant, and I really love the movement. My eye keeps moving around the image with the scales of the dragon, and the faded background is a really nice surprise. I love, love, love the colour!


Gerald DesRochers said...

o_o !!
Love the detail on the textures

Ken McCuen said...

Hi Michelle :)
Thanks very much! Yeah, I was wondering how I was going to handle the background. That was one portion that wasn't exactly started at IMC. Thanks, I was hoping the colors were going to work. Hopefully I can finish it up this weekend. How is yours going?

Thanks Gerald :) Yeah, it's been taking a while getting all the elements painted. I need to get faster at painting :)

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I think I'm calling my illustration done. I'm not super happy with it, but I don't really care for the exact composition of it, and that isn't something I'm really willing to fix. I kinda like the way it turned out, though.. (I think I posted it on facebook..)

I started a new project, actually. Iain McCaig had that 1 hour a day for 6 months to be an "expert" at drawing. I doubt i'll end up as an expert, but I'm hoping I'll get better, and end up with a portfolio. I'm still not sure if i'd go back next year for the IMC but I had SUCH a great time!

I'm one week into the 6 month project if you want to check out my blog..

How's Torontoland? I'm stuck in the states for the next 4 - 6 months thanks to immigration. yay!

(I re-posted so I could subscribe to the feed...)

Ken McCuen said...

Hi Michelle,
Toronto-land is great :) When 4-6 months is up you should come visit your sister and then we'll go subway sketching.
I checked out your blog -- awesome stuff! I like your latest one with the tiger a lot. Your style is nice and you're really great drawing animals.
Yeah, the 6 month project is a good idea. I should definitely do something like that to get more done.
I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it said I had to be logged in. Are you with word-press?


Michelle said...

Thanks, I really like drawing animals. I'm trying to just make it a part of my day, because as I come towards September work is going to pick up and it's going to be even harder to fit it in. But, so far, week 1 = success, hah.

Also, it looks like you get a lot of drawing in anyways! Plus your work is a little more creative then mine.. (Retouching cars this week. yay.)

Are you still at Mr. X?

Also, yea, I'm using wordpress. I checked and it should be good for comments, but I never know. It's either spam city or nothing. I guess I won't feel back when I'm four months in and no one has left anything on my page, haha.