Friday, December 28, 2012


Another piece for the Blue Series that I'm working on.

This is one of the pieces I have on the go that depicts a dream sequence of the main character. It's going to lead to a huge action scene (probably will be one of the more difficult things I've drawn) ...  This piece was also preceded by an action scene as well. -- more on that in time as I work on them outside of the real deadlines.

I look at the blog sometimes and get a strange feeling when I see how little I've posted from this series... then I open up my closet and see the inch-thick stack of drawings for it on one of the shelves. There will be lots more to show... eventually.

I often scramble to paint these between huge deadlines in the film industry I am employed in. When work slows up there I actually have time to draw some of these in the evenings.

... posed for again in this series by the amazing  Alekai