Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Last October I was commissioned to complete an illustration to be used on the cover and poster for an independent horror film titled Hooked (directed by Zach Ramelan).

The challenges of this one were portraying a very pulp-style composition while including the likenesses of the two main actors.

I had a lot of fun distorting the perspective so the house appears like a card-board set, and painting a giant moon. The strawberry jam splattering off the wielded hammer was also a lot of fun to throw in there.

 The completed illustration (graphite, watercolor on 150lb rag paper, digital adjusts and color)

Cover image using my illustration by Zach's designer.

Zach goes into the process of the cover image on The Amazing Basement Show: (Images of my approval roughs and in progress shots of the poster appear throughout the video)

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