Sunday, September 7, 2014

Taking Woodstock Matte Painting

This is one of the first large-scale matte paintings I ever worked on (late 2008) for a film called Taking Woodstock starring Demetri Martin.
There was lots of mud, garbage, and debris to paint on this one. for more shots of the created environment.

I'll probably be back in the future with more shots that I worked on.


Reference Photography and Moving Forward

Since first taking up a DSLR a few years ago I’ve been taking scattered phases of mentorships and workshops with pro photographers to learn more about it.

Initially I was mostly concerned with using it as a means of purely reference.  I would draw and paint from the photos (an approach taught to me by a handful of master book cover illustrators — IMC)  It made me the odd-ball of the smaller classes.  Most of the photographers I met tried to do as little post-production on their work as possible.
A lot of the workshops included photographing a professional glamour/dancer/fashion model of some kind.  I would provide some of the photos at the end of the workshop if they requested them.
As some of the models I worked with fleshed out their model agency profiles my photography started showing up in their portfolios.

I only started photography as a means of building my own references and understanding how to manipulate lighting. I think it’s a really great honor that they deem my photos worthy enough for their agency portfolios.