Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reference Photography and Moving Forward

Since first taking up a DSLR a few years ago I’ve been taking scattered phases of mentorships and workshops with pro photographers to learn more about it.

Initially I was mostly concerned with using it as a means of purely reference.  I would draw and paint from the photos (an approach taught to me by a handful of master book cover illustrators — IMC)  It made me the odd-ball of the smaller classes.  Most of the photographers I met tried to do as little post-production on their work as possible.
A lot of the workshops included photographing a professional glamour/dancer/fashion model of some kind.  I would provide some of the photos at the end of the workshop if they requested them.
As some of the models I worked with fleshed out their model agency profiles my photography started showing up in their portfolios.

I only started photography as a means of building my own references and understanding how to manipulate lighting. I think it’s a really great honor that they deem my photos worthy enough for their agency portfolios.


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